Pennies & Bag Levy Schemes

By offering your staff the chance to put their pennies to work, you’ll be helping Priscilla Bacon Hospice shape Hospice Care across Norfolk.



Running a pennies round down scheme is simple to set up and administer.

When your staff choose to give, their salary is rounded down to the nearest pound and the extra pennies go to support Priscilla Bacon Hospice. For instance, if your net pay is £1,263.42 then 42p will go to Priscilla Bacon Hospice.

The most you can ever give is 99p every time you’re paid. And by selecting Gift Aid with your donation, your pennies go even further with 25% added to your gift at no extra cost to you.

Bag Levy

The bag levy is a scheme introduced by the government to reduce the number of plastic bags in circulation in the UK and protect the environment by charging 5p per plastic bag.

Many retailers have already started donating the income from the levy, with the dual benefits of helping the environment and raising money for a good cause.

Please consider Priscilla Bacon Hospice to benefit from your bag levy.