Increasing Confidence and Self-Belief Workshop

Are you looking to build your confidence and increase your self-belief? Priscilla Bacon 500 Club member Wendi Mclean is hosting two interactive online workshops that will help you to do just that!

Signing up gives you access to both workshops, with the first taking place on Saturday 7th October and the second on Saturday 14th October.

The workshops will delve into the various components that contribute to confidence, including our beliefs, self-esteem, inner dialogue, boundaries, and body language. By examining how these factors impact our behaviour, we can adopt different strategies to cultivate new habits and build up our confidence. Additionally, Wendi will cover topics like visualisation, energy, and practical steps to help you gain a clear understanding of what’s holding you back and how to make the desired changes.

There will be a workbook to help guide you and a place to keep all your notes.

This online 2 x half day training program is designed to offer actionable advice and techniques to enhance your confidence and develop an assertive attitude in various personal and professional situations.

Wendi is running this course to help raise funds for the new Priscilla Bacon Lodge, and is asking only £50 for both sessions, which includes the workbook. All proceeds will come to our charity, so not only will you have an amazing experience, you will also be helping us to provide the very best end-of-life care to the people of Norfolk.

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