Norfolk Gazelles Virtual Relay

Norfolk Gazelles’ “Don’t Pass It On” Virtual Relay is back for a second year!

Start making your daft batons now, ready for Sunday 18 July 2021. The relay will kick off at 6am – as last year, it will be divided into 17 one-hour time slots with the last runners starting at 10pm. This relay is not about how fast you are, it’s about taking part! The relay is all about the distance covered by your club during the course of the 17 hours, not just about how fast your quickest runners can go. It doesn’t matter whether you run or walk or whether you’re a sprinter or a jogger – every metre counts! You don’t have to be a member of an “official” running club to enter a team – workplaces, mates, family groups etc are all welcome.

Last year, £10,000 was raised for charity and Priscilla Bacon Hospice is delighted to have been chosen as one of the charities to benefit from this year’s event, along with Norfolk & Waveney Mind. Click here to visit the donation page.

If you would like to include your club or organisation and be a team captain, please complete the online entry form by clicking ‘enter relay’ below. Entry is free and entrants have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive coaster, (pictured below), with the proceeds going to charity.

Priscilla Bacon Hospice - Norfolk Gazelles virtual relay coaster

For more information please email

enter relay
The rules:

• There is no single winner – it’s a winning team. That way, everybody’s efforts are recognised.
• Each runner runs/walks for one hour or multiples of one hour (these can be consecutive or spread over the day and are subject to local guidelines)
• First runners/walkers start at 6am; last runners/walkers start at 10pm (event finishes at 11pm)
• Runners can only run, jog, walk… no bikes!
• A maximum of nine runners/walkers can run during each hour (a minimum of one runner/walker for each hour)
• Each runner can run anywhere and on any safe route
• There’s no traditional baton handover – don’t pass it on! — but each runner MUST carry a baton for the full hour
• The baton is of each runner’s choosing, the more random and eccentric the better… A flower pot? A cucumber? A guitar?
• If you want to enter the competition for the best baton, upload a picture to the Norfolk Gazelle’s Facebook event page here
• Each runner starts their run at their allotted time
• Club runners should wear club kit if they have it
• Social distancing rules must be followed
• Time slots run after sundown must wear hi-vis and lights
• All participants run at their own risk

For a list of frequently asked questions, have a look here