Amazing response to request for rainbows!

It’s been under two weeks since we put out a request for rainbows to be displayed at Priscilla Bacon Lodge, to lift the spirits of the wonderful NCH&C NHS staff and their patients.

To date, we have received almost 100! More than 70 are already on display in the entrance of the Lodge and we are hanging more every couple of days. As well as paintings and drawings, we’ve also received beautiful knitted and stained glass rainbows, plus some lovely letters to the staff, which we have passed on.

The idea started when 4-year-old Alex Kendall from Sprowston painted the very first rainbow, “for the poorly people”. We shared a photo of it and it has grown from there!

Thank you so much to everyone who has got involved with this so far. If you would like to make a rainbow, please send it to us at the following address and we will drop it off safely at the Lodge:

Priscilla Bacon Hospice Fundraising Office
9-11 Drayton High Road

Priscilla Bacon Hospice - Priscilla Bacon Lodge