Download our new app!

We are excited to launch our app, which will be particularly useful if you donate goods to and/or shop with us!

The ‘My Charity Shop’ app allows you to carry your Gift Aid donor card with you on your phone, which we can scan in store when you donate items to us.

The app tracks your donation history, so you can see how many bags of stock you have given, how much has been raised, and receive virtual awards. You can also print out bar codes to affix to your bags, ready to bring to us.

The app contains information on our shop locations, opening hours, current volunteering opportunities, and more.

There will be more features to come in the New Year, so we will keep you posted!

How to download

The app is compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems.

To download it, click the button below or search for ‘My Charity Shop’ in your App or Play Store.

download app