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Priscilla Bacon Hospice - Planting for Priscilla
Priscilla Bacon Hospice - Planting for Priscilla

Submitted by: Colin Grant

Category: Large garden

Today being in our garden brings back memories of being in my parents’ garden while they worked hard planting vegetables, cutting hedges and mowing the lawn. But not understanding at the time what it gave them back.

Recently my mother passed away while she was resident at Priscilla Bacon Hospice and despite her illness, she still had passion for the flowers she could see in the gardens. Now spending time in her garden once again, taking cuttings from the roses and shrubs to put into my own, I totally understand what my parents gained from their hard work.

Today seeing the same roses bloom in my own garden definitely gives me the understanding of the enjoyment, peace and well-being that is gained from gardening.