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Priscilla Bacon Hospice

We are the charity, (full name Priscilla Bacon Norfolk Hospice Care), that was set up to fundraise for and build the new hospice on an 8-acre site next to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. This hospice will replace the current facility on Unthank Road in Norwich – Priscilla Bacon Lodge. Our charity number is 1166579.

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All donations and purchases made on this website will go towards the new hospice appeal. Our fundraising operations are funded in large part through revenues generated by our network of 7 charity shops, which enables us to ensure 93p in every £1 goes to the appeal.

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If you are looking to contact Priscilla Bacon Lodge, or the Priscilla Bacon Support Group, please see the information below.

Priscilla Bacon Hospice
Priscilla Bacon Lodge

40 years ago, the current Priscilla Bacon Lodge was built; supported by a host of businesses, community groups and trusts. The Lodge has a proud heritage of bringing peace, dignity and vital support to thousands of families across Norfolk. The new hospice will continue to build upon this wonderful legacy by greatly enhancing the community impact and capabilities of the organisation for many years to come.

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The care at the Lodge is provided by Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust, (NCH&C – charity number 1051173) and the team of staff and volunteers will move into the new hospice building once it is complete.

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Priscilla Bacon Lodge Support Group logo
Priscilla Bacon Support Group

Some of the members of the original Priscilla Bacon Lodge committee formed the Priscilla Bacon Support Group, (charity number 278667), which is still running today. They meet monthly to consider requests for funding, keep up to date with what’s happening, review their financial situation and plan for the future.

The group makes grants to supplement NHS funding. This enables patients and their relatives to have additional benefits, such as special equipment, transport and the legendary drinks trolley in the Lodge. Grants can also provide assisted study for staff.

The Support Group have generously donated £2.75M to the new hospice appeal, with the possibility of further funds to come.

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