Claire Griffiths' garden

Before: Priscilla Bacon Hospice - Planting for Priscilla                        After: Priscilla Bacon Hospice - Planting for Priscilla

Submitted by: Claire Griffiths

Category: Large garden

I took the opportunity of lockdown and working from home to attempt to sort out my garden, which is still very much a work in progress. I have never been very good in the garden but I always like to give things a go. I decided that the bush was getting a bit out of control and I had been told I should give it a “good cut back”. Well, once I started I couldn’t stop and unfortunately some of the branches I cut had just dropped down so it still looked quite leafy.

As you can see the final result is awful but I am hopeful it will grow back at some point. I am also very lucky that I have a beautiful passionflower which grows around that area of the garden, this grows very quickly and is starting to flower now. I have also had to repaint the fence which has been exposed.

At the time I joked to my Dad that the BBC had signed me up for a new program “What not to do to your garden”.