Gracie's garden

Priscilla Bacon Hospice - Planting for Priscilla          Priscilla Bacon Hospice - Planting for Priscilla

Submitted by: Toni Calver

Category: Children’s garden

At the beginning of lockdown my daughters Gracie and Ruby planted sunflower seeds. This started a cascade of events – the sunflowers all grew so we potted up 3 for our neighbours as 2 were alone and they are all older ladies with a little note saying we hoped they would bring them sunshine even on a dark day. We then planted them and they are now 7 foot tall!!! Ruby has drifted off from helping but Gracie still loves to help. With her help we created a makeshift flower bed in front of Nana’s house to bring her some sunshine as she was shielding as wasn’t allowed to be with us or hugs. I think she has brought lots of people joy and I wanted someone to know how proud I was of her.