Linda's Pride and Joy

Priscilla Bacon Hospice - Planting for Priscilla

Submitted by: Linda Farrelly

Category: Large garden

It has taken me eight years to achieve my garden from a vast lawn to what I have now, and I am still making changes. During Covid-19 lockdown I needed a project, so where my lawn wasn’t very nice I have built a patio. Forty two slabs, one hundred and twenty bricks and six bags of pink chippings. I dug it all out myself, levelled it and laid it, not bad for sixty eight years young.

I have tried to plant different leaf shapes and colours together for interest and contrast. I also have two vegetable plots with a large greenhouse in between and am growing runners, beetroot, strawberries and grapes in one, and corn in the cob, potatoes, cabbage and cherries in the other. I beat the blackbirds to the cherries this year and have picked over eight pounds!