Liz’s Story

“With support from Priscilla Bacon Lodge and specialist equipment, we were able to get Dad home."

During 2022, Liz Rump undertook both the Inflatable 5K obstacle course and the Great North Run Half Marathon, raising over £1,750 for the Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity. Liz was inspired to undertake these events, to acknowledge the care received by her father, Henry Morgan, at Priscilla Bacon Lodge.

Liz, who works for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, explained, “Up until the summer of 2021, my dad, who was only 72, had been a hands-on grandad for my two children and they had a very close bond. He and my mum took care of their grandchildren regularly, and two days a week would pick them up from school. He was incredibly fit and healthy, and lived an active life.”

Henry’s symptoms only presented themselves as a lump in his neck in July 2021, but after investigation, incurable lung cancer with secondaries in his bones was diagnosed. Palliative chemotherapy was offered, but Henry decided after the first session that the side effects outweighed the benefits of the treatment.

“After the terminal diagnosis was given, my employers were incredibly supportive. They allowed me to work remotely, which gave me the chance to spend more time with my dad and support both my parents in their own home. This meant that my mum, who used to be a nurse, had someone there to pop out for prescriptions, or she could occasionally leave the house in the knowledge that my father was safe. It could be a stressful time, but being there made a big difference for us all”, said Liz.

During this period, her father was admitted twice to Priscilla Bacon Lodge. Due to Covid-19 restrictions in place at the time, the family were only allowed to visit for one hour per day, and in limited numbers. Liz observed that taking her father into the garden was one of the highlights of his stay.

Henry’s desire had been to return home; the family received carer packages and support from the palliative care team to achieve his wish.

Liz continued “With support from Priscilla Bacon Lodge and specialist equipment, we were able to get Dad home. We moved a bed into the dining room and had an accessible chair in the house. A wheelchair meant we were able to take him out for walks, or to go for a coffee with his grandchildren at the weekend.”

“Dad died at home in November 2021, just four months after his diagnosis. The staff at Priscilla Bacon Lodge were so caring during his two stays, and helped us get him home in accordance with his wishes for his final days. Our whole family are so grateful for the support we all received.

We wanted to fundraise for the appeal to build the new hospice, which will make a big difference to local families. My children also undertook the Inflatable 5K to honour their grandad, and I know he would have been so proud of them for taking part.”

When the new Priscilla Bacon Lodge opens in the summer of 2023, it will help a greater number of people like Henry and his family, and will provide increased choice about end-of-life care in Norfolk and Waveney.