Cakes to Order

Celebration Cakes

We can create cakes and cupcakes to suit your needs, whether it’s a birthday celebration, wedding, or other occasion. We will work with you to ensure your cake is everything you wanted.

Every cake is baked from scratch by our skilled chefs, using all-natural ingredients and free-range eggs, to produce cakes that not only taste divine, but look stunning too!

We have a range of flavours, from classic vanilla to rich chocolate, and fillings such as velvety cream or fruity jam. We can produce intricate buttercream designs that add a touch of elegance to every slice. Or, for a bite-sized delight, cupcakes are also available. We have displayed some previous creations below, and various other designs and styles can be accommodated.

We can cater for allergies and dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan cakes, so that everyone can indulge.

Pricing will vary based on your specific requirements, starting at just £20. What is truly sweet about choosing us for your cakes, is that all proceeds go towards supporting the services provided by the Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity for patients and their families at Priscilla Bacon Lodge.

To request a cake, please fill out our Celebration Cake Enquiry Form below:

celebration cake enquiry form

How your support makes a difference

A £20.00 cake order could provide activity books and games for children whose loved ones are on the wards

A £30.00 cake order could support a music therapy session

A £50.00 cake order could supply arts and crafts materials for our community art sessions