The 500 Club

What is the 500 Club?

The 500 Club is a community of local businesses and organisations working together to support each other, whilst pledging their support for the Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity.

To date, we have had over 150 Norfolk businesses join – click below to see the full list!

500 Club Members

What we offer:

  • Invitations to four 500 Club social events each year, in December, March, June and September
  • Listing on Priscilla Bacon’s 500 Club members web page, with link to company website
  • 500 Club logo to display on website, social media etc.
  • Access to 500 Club LinkedIn Group, with an opportunity to connect with other members, offer promotions, and share fundraising ideas, support and progress
  • Further social media, PR and press opportunities
  • Bespoke team-building and volunteering opportunities through our community events, gardening days, retail challenges and more!
  • Bespoke health and wellbeing services, including 500 Club yoga events, bereavement training, and mindfulness sessions
  • Opportunity for employees to participate in 500 Club challenges, such as treks, 3 Peak Challenge etc.
  • Account management and fundraising support from our friendly team
  • Fundraising materials, including balloons, buckets and banners
  • Sponsorship and marketing opportunities at annual community events across Norfolk, and at clinical and palliative care conferences
  • End of year certificate to display at your place of work and on social media platforms
  • Opportunities to partner with other members for fundraising and business development projects
  • Monthly newsletter to all members, celebrating successes and offering ideas, invitations to events and opportunities for fundraising

Further benefits to follow in 2023:

  • Additional benefits for Platinum Members including ticketed social events, priority bookings and sponsorship opportunities

What we ask:

In return, we ask each member business to do their best to fundraise an annual total, based on their level of membership, as set out below:

Platinum members                                                          Aim to raise £10,000 in 1 year

Gold Members                                                                  Aim to raise £5,000 in 1 year

Silver Members                                                                Aim to raise £1,000 in 1 year

Bronze Members                                                             Aim to raise £500 in 1 year

Member events

As the 500 Club continues to grow, we expect to have a packed schedule of events available for members to attend. Events are FREE unless otherwise stated.

In 2023, we hope to offer quiz nights, yoga, cycling and paddleboarding sessions, walking and outdoor swimming meetups, golf days, a summer party, coffee and cake sessions, and an awards ceremony.

If you would like to either offer an event to 500 Club members, or sponsor an event, please contact

Click below to see our events calendar.

Events calendar


Q:        What if we don’t hit the target by the end of the year?

A:        No problem! During the year, we will do everything they can to help you. There are also other ways to support us, such as volunteering, or providing pro bono services. However, even if you don’t hit your target, we’re still more than happy for you to have another go the year after, (and the year after that!). We know how tough it is running a business and we want each of our members to feel part of our family for as long as they wish.

Q:        I don’t want to fundraise, but I’d like to join, can I just make a monthly or one-off donation instead?

A:        Absolutely! We expect that some of our members will fundraise their target, some will make an annual donation, some might wish to make a monthly donation, and other may choose a mix of fundraising and regular donations. We recognise that each member will be unique and we’re very happy to support each one to get the most out of their membership.

Q:        I’m not really keen on networking but I’d still like to join – is that ok?

A:        Yes! We know that some of our members will be keen to attend our events, some will be more interested in the health and wellbeing services for themselves and employees, and others will be happy to simply to be listed as a member on our website.

Q:        So it sounds like membership is pretty flexible, relaxed and I might even have some fun as a member of the 500 Club – is that right?

A:        Absolutely!

Q:        How do I sign up?

A:        It’s simple, just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch!

How to join

To join the 500 Business Club, please contact us using the form below and we will be in touch asap!

    Correspondence address

    We would like to stay in touch with you to let you know how your support makes a difference and other ways you can get involved. Please opt in below if you would like us to do this. You can withdraw or change your preferences at any time by contacting us.

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