Music in The Friends Café

We will be hosting Music in The Friends Café sessions every month, and these are kindly being organised by Eve Garrod, a Ward Volunteer.

This music session will be approximately one hour long, so why not pop in and join us for lunch and music?

It is free to attend.

Our first artist is a singer called Arianne Foley, read all about her below:

“Hey there, I’m Arianne Foley, and I come from the beautiful valleys of South Wales. I have over a decade of experience in the music industry, from working with bands, cover gigs, session work and work abroad.

Growing up in South Wales, I was very lucky to be part of a large diverse music scene in Newport and Cardiff, I was surrounded by incredibly talented musicians from the age of 16. They mentored me, inspired me and influenced my sound today. I’ve never really been able to define one singular genre I fit into, but if I had to, I’d say I have developed a delicate blend of rock, blues, country, and folk elements in my music. I hope my music will leave you feeling like you can take on any problem, no matter the size.”