£10 million milestone reached in new hospice appeal

We are delighted to announce that £10 million of our £12.5 million fundraising target has been raised, thanks to the remarkable support from Norfolk, Waveney and beyond.

Once built, the state-of-the-art palliative care unit, containing 24 beds, day patient and outreach facilities, next to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, will replace the 40-year-old Priscilla Bacon Lodge on Unthank Road, Norwich.

“This latest total is a momentous milestone in our fundraising campaign,” said Robert Carter, Chairman of the Trustees for Priscilla Bacon Hospice. “Since we launched our appeal in 2019 to raise funds to build the new Priscilla Bacon Hospice, we have felt a groundswell of support from across Norfolk, Waveney and beyond. Over 3,500 donors, fundraisers and businesses are known to have supported us, but it does not include many thousands who have attended events, taken part in activities, shopped in one of our charity shops or simply dropped coins into our collection tins.”

“The enthusiastic support we have received represents a direct response to the pioneering care which countless families have received at The Lodge over the last 40 years. After a friend, colleague, loved one or family member has received end-of-life care, there is a desire to acknowledge this support. The people of Norfolk and Waveney have responded by donating, fundraising or volunteering, so that the same vital end-of-life care can be given to others in the future”.

“This incredible level of supports means we will be able to start to build the new hospice later this year, with an anticipated opening date of mid 2023”.

A major contribution to the latest fundraising total was received from our sister charity, the Priscilla Bacon Lodge Support Group. The charity was established in 1979 by members of the original fundraising committee to help and support the ongoing needs of the patients and relatives at the Lodge.

“We are delighted to be providing this new donation to support the building of the new Priscilla Bacon Hospice,” said Philip Norton, Chair of the Trustees for Priscilla Bacon Lodge. “Over the last 40 years, a considerable number of generous donations and bequests in Wills have been received by the Priscilla Bacon Lodge Support Group from the people of Norfolk and Waveney. Since the Lodge was built, we have been an integral part of the Priscilla Bacon Lodge family, by helping to enhance the delivery of care since it opened in 1979.”

“As a charity, we believe that using the donations we receive to support the funding of the new Lodge to meet future needs is at the heart of what we were set up to do. Once the new project is complete, we hope to continue to play our role in supporting the next generation of care provided by the Clinical Team.”

“Including their latest £750,000 donation, the Support Group have given £2.75 million, which is the largest contribution from a single source for the campaign,” said Robert Carter, Chairman of the Trustees for Priscilla Bacon Hospice. “We are incredibly grateful for this gift from the Priscilla Bacon Lodge Support Group. Every donation large or small is heartfelt and together all of the wonderful support we have received means that the dream of a new Priscilla Bacon Lodge will become a reality.”

Our appeal remains ongoing as we aim to raise the £12.5 million necessary to complete the building project. We plan to build the new palliative care unit next to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, which will also include improved day patient and outreach facilities.

Please donate if you can by clicking the link below. To get involved with the campaign, please contact the Fundraising Team: 0330 223 4274 or fundraising@priscillabaconhospice.org.uk or Priscilla Bacon Hospice Fundraising Office, 20 Low Road, Drayton, Norwich, NR8 6AA.