Jen Inglis runs Edinburgh Half in memory of her mother

Jen Inglis was running in last month’s Edinburgh half marathon – on the day that would have been her late mother Joan’s birthday, passing the places her mother grew up and where her ashes now lie.

Jen raised around £500 for the Priscilla Bacon Hospice appeal, which is currently seeking £12.5m to build a brand new 24-bed unit to serve all of Norfolk with end-of-life care.

Priscilla Bacon Hospice fundraiser Jen Inglis

Norwich-based Jen, who works for another charity, was determined to help the hospice appeal after her experience at the current Priscilla Bacon Lodge (PBL).

“Mum suffered from motor neurone disease and was diagnosed in 2016,” said Jen. “She spent a short time at PBL and, as a very strong, independent single parent, she found it difficult at first, but everyone was very kind and made her comfortable.

“The consultants at Priscilla Bacon Lodge were incredible. After feeling like we had to battle and beg for understanding of mum’s physical and mental symptoms, we suddenly had a doctor who just got it straight away.”

Jen, who also received counselling for herself at PBL, added: “Later, as the disease deteriorated, she wanted to go back to the lodge, but there was no bed available – and that’s why I wanted to help the hospice appeal, which will offer more bed space.”

Jen’s mum died at home last year aged just 65.

Soon after, Jen started to look for a way to celebrate her mother’s legacy and to help others, culminating in that draining half marathon – both physically and emotionally.

She said: “It felt like I was doing something for her.”