Norwich to Norwich Virtual Challenge

As lockdown restrictions remain in place for large scale running events, we are excited to launch a virtual challenge for competitors to help cover the distance from Norwich, Norfolk to Norwich, New York during August.

We have partnered with local Running Club, Norwich Road Runners, and Hospice Chenango in Norwich, New York State to create an international virtual challenge.

Hugo Stevenson, Head of Fundraising and Communications for Priscilla Bacon Hospice explains:

“Whether you want to run, ride or walk, competitors will submit their individual total distances recorded during August, so that we cumulatively cover the 5,585km/3,471 miles distance between Priscilla Bacon Lodge in Norwich and Hospice Chenango in Norwich, New York State. We ask for a donation of £10 to take part, with all proceeds from our local competitors benefitting the Priscilla Bacon Hospice appeal. All participants will receive a medal, with special medals recognising those who have completed more than 50km and 100km. We hope to have a friendly competition with our American companions, to see who can complete the virtual Transatlantic crossing to arrive first at the opposing hospice!”

Kendall Drexler, Executive Director of Hospice Chenango in Norwich, New York State said:

“We are really excited to be involved with this international fundraising challenge! Hospices around the world have the shared mission of providing the best possible palliative and end-of-life care. We optimise the quality of life of our patients and make sure that they have the best possible death. We have also been fundraising hard to purchase a modern facility which will replace our existing hospice, so this challenge will help us to reach our goal as well. We don’t have the Olympics this year to show-off our American sporting achievements, so we are sure that our local participants fundraising for Hospice Chenango will give our British colleagues a good run for their money!”

Funds raised by local competitors will go towards our appeal to build a new 24 bed hospice for Norfolk and Waveney. The new hospice will replace the current Priscilla Bacon Lodge, which is now inadequate. An ever-increasing demand – for inpatient beds as well as day care and ‘Hospice at Home’ care – from a growing and ageing population means that greater capacity is desperately needed. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of having a ‘good death’ surrounded by your loved ones. The new hospice will ensure that more people in Norfolk and Waveney can have a ‘good death’.

To register for the event, click the link below.

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