Rogers & Norton donate £1,350 following LPA initiative

We are thrilled that Priscilla Bacon 500 Club members Rogers & Norton have donated £1,350 to us, following their recent Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) initiative.

The initiative, which ran from 2nd January – 29th March 2024, offered clients a 20% discount on LPA fees. In addition to the discount, Rogers & Norton pledged to donate £50 to the Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity for each LPA appointment scheduled during the promotional period.

LPAs are crucial legal documents that grant someone the authority to make decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself, due to mental or physical incapacity. LPAs provide individuals with control over their future, to protect their interests in the event of incapacity. They offer peace of mind, maintain personal autonomy, and help avoid potential legal complications and family disputes. Rogers & Norton initiated this campaign to encourage proactive planning, while also giving back to the local community.

“We are delighted to announce our donation of £1,350 to the Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity,” said Laura Rumsey, Head of the Wills, Trusts and Probate team. “Through our LPA initiative, we sought to not only assist clients in planning for their future, but also to support the exceptional work of Priscilla Bacon Lodge in providing compassionate end-of-life care.”

Hugo Stevenson, Head of Fundraising and Communications at the Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity, said: “We are incredibly grateful for the support received from Rogers & Norton through their Lasting Power of Attorney initiative. LPAs are vital legal documents which protect individuals’ wishes and can help to provide peace of mind for those with life limiting conditions. Funds raised will help the Charity continue to develop new services, such as the bereavement service and music therapy, which will enhance care for patients and their loved ones at Priscilla Bacon Lodge.”

This donation reflects the power of collaborative efforts between businesses and community members in making a positive impact on local healthcare services. As we continue our mission of enriching care at Priscilla Bacon Lodge, initiatives such as this demonstrate the meaningful ways in which businesses can support essential healthcare institutions.

For individuals interested in arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney appointment or learning more about their later life services, Rogers & Norton can be contacted on 01603 666001, or via email at

If you are a local business interested in supporting the Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity, why not join our 500 Club? You can find more information and contact details here.

This article is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or any other professional advice.